The Winning Patterns Of The Irish Lottery

First off, before you play Irish lottery online or in your local lotto station, we encourage you to use our Irish Lotto Predictor to see if your number combination follows the winning patterns of the Irish Lottery.

Many players have been using hot numbers believing that when a number is appearing more frequently, it is bound to appear more often in the succeeding draws. This is not true according to the mathematical principle of probability. (read this post: How To Win The Irish Lottery 6/47 According To Math)

Without using our tool above, here are simple ways to know if your number combination is a potential winner.

If the answer to all the questions below is "YES," then your number has a huge chance of winning a small division or the jackpot prize.

  • Does the sum of all your Irish lotto numbers fall within the winning sum range of 106 to 170? - In fact, 60% of all the winning numbers fall within the 120 to 140 range.
  • Does your number combination follow either 3 low/3 high or 4 low/2 high pattern? - Statistics show that in the last 150 draws of the Irish Lottery, 3 low/3 high pattern represents 31% and the 4 low/ 2 high patterns represents the other 31%.
  • Does your number combination follow the 3 even/ 3 odd pattern? - This pattern appears in Irish lottery 32% of the time. The 2 even/4 odds pattern appears 25% while the 4 even/2 odds pattern appears 24%. These three patterns appear more frequently for Irish Lottery.
  • Does your number combination contain consecutive numbers? - 51% of the past winning numbers in irish Lottery contain no consecutive numbers while combination with two consecutive numbers appear 39% of the time. Three consecutive numbers and double two consecutive numbers are not common.
  • Does your number combination have a missing number group? - Based on the past winning combinations for the Ireland National lottery, at least one number group is not represented, if not more. For example, in the combination 2-10-12-21-37-39, there are no numbers in the 40s group (40-47). In fact, 20.55% of all the winning numbers from January 2014 to May 2015 were without numbers from the 40s group. Only 13% represents winning combinations where all number groups are represented.

Click on link below to know more about lottery winning patterns:

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