3 Reasons Why People Would Rather Play the Irish Lottery

It’s safe to say that playing the lottery can offer you some of life’s greatest advantages – the thrill of playing with chance, the opportunity to dream big, and the excitement of potentially winning big money. Sometimes, you’ll take the chance and risk $2 on the mere possibility that you might win something back, big or small. Your wildest dreams would run free on the off-chance that you might be the next big winner. I mean, what if you do win? Think about the houses and the cars you can buy, and the loans, mortgages you can finally pay off.

Isn’t that why you play the lottery? So you can finally live the life you deserve?

But let me tell you something, if you’re positive that you want to win the lottery, you’re going to have to keep your feet on the ground. Daydream all you want, but you need to keep a leveled head so you can make the most out of the petty change you’re willing to put in the lottery.

Here are 3 reasons why people would rather play the Irish Lottery online.

#1: The odds of winning the Irish Lottery are in your favor

Nowadays, several lotteries have been revised in order to accommodate bigger jackpots. However, these revisions will require a change in the game’s matrix. For example, just last year, the Powerball has been revamped from having odds of winning of 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292 million. In the case of the Irish Lottery, the odds of winning are only 1 in 10,737,573. Compared to the Powerball, or any big lottery, your odds of winning the Irish Lottery are far better.

#2: Irish Lottery jackpots are more realistic

In comparison, Irish Lottery jackpots are miniscule than other lottery jackpots. On a positive note, this means it would be less stressful for you to deal with winning the Irish Lottery. Why? Well, a lot of lottery winners end up losing all their winnings in a few months because they initially though a large sum of money would be…well, impossible to spend. But if you win the Irish Lottery (wherein the biggest jackpot produced is €18.9 million), you could be more realistic and spend all your winnings responsibly, without having to waste one penny.

#3: The Irish Lottery is easier to play

Let me tell you something, people would rather play the Irish Lottery because it’s much easier to play. You know how almost all big lotteries would require you to pick an extra number in a different, smaller pool of numbers in order for you to bag the jackpot? Well, the Irish Lottery only needs you to pick 6 main numbers between 1 and 47. Now tell me, isn’t that way better?

If you really want to buy yourself a house, a car, and pay off your loans by winning the lottery, you need to play with a lottery that will allow you to win. You can choose to play the Powerball, the Mega Millions, or the Euro Millions, but you need to deal with the consequences that these lotteries will not make it easy for you to win. A lot of lotteries are available for you to play online from wherever it is you’re sitting, including the Irish Lottery.

Everyone needs to go the extra mile to win the lottery, but if you’re one of the people who’s had enough of the astronomical odds, then click here to play the Irish Lottery online from anywhere in the world.


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You can play The Irish Lottery if you are 18 years old or above. Play Responsibly, Play For Fun.