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International Lottery Subscriptions (ILS) is an independent lottery entry service that operates IrishLotto.net. Since 2007, the company lets you participate in the world's richest lottery games — wherever you may be.

When you play the Irish Lottery online through ILS, your numbers are entered on your behalf by our accredited agents in each country.

When you win, your prize winnings are collected for you and transferred to any bank you specify. Also, the winnings are 100% YOURS. ILS takes no commissions or fees from your lottery winnings and remits all cash prizes free of charge, in full, and in the currency of your choice.

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11 G Lower Dorset Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.

Phone: (+353) 86 800 6690

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The Team

Mark O’Meara

Samantha Bryant
Customer Support

Claire Brennan
Promotions Manager

Mission Statement

Our company mission statement promotes the following principles:

  • Supply products and services of the highest possible quality on a consistent basis
  • Focus our richest resources on expansion and growth
  • Maintain our client’s customers through ongoing sales and encourage referrals to potential clients through our quality services, products, and prices
  • Usher company growth by investing in the training and development of staff and equipment to ensure that profits and their associated returns are delivered to owners and investors
  • Strive to maintain its position as market leader and keep abreast of the changing requirements of the ever-evolving international marketing industry

We achieve these objectives through the following:

  • Promote development of our client’s customers and the research of new sources for prospective customers
  • Exceed expectations of our client’s customers from our services
  • Market honourable and saleable products that are legal in that country
  • Use and management of company resources and equipment in an efficient manner
  • Maintain a high level of staff quality motivated by an environment that encourages and rewards input, responsibility, and original ideas.

The contribution of all staff is vital to achieving these company goals.

Values and Ethical Policy

ILS does not make false claims and touch a cent of your winnings. When you enter a National Lottery through ILS, you do so with complete confidence that your entry will be processed by authorized Lottery Agents licensed by the government of the country in which the Lottery is held.

ILS processes your entry, collects, and sends your cash winnings IN FULL. No hidden commissions, false claims, or empty promises. Just efficient, reliable service performed with uncompromising integrity. The company will also keep you updated on Jackpots and Draw results so you will be informed of all the winning combinations.

ILS takes no commissions or fees of any sort from any Lottery winnings collected by its players. With ILS, you get to keep what you win.

Your Promise, Our Guarantee!


  • You can enter "overseas" Government Lottery Draws no matter where you live as long as it is legal for you to do so
  • Your entry will be processed efficiently (including lodgment via our licensed partners / authorized licensed agents in the country in which the Draw is held)
  • You will receive immediate confirmation that your numbers have been entered in the Jackpot Draw of your choice
  • You can access the winning number results online and you'll be sent email results notices
  • Your winnings are collected on your behalf and transferred to any bank you specify
  • You will be paid 100% in full of all your winnings - NO percentage commission is retained
  • Your entry (and details of your cash prize winnings) will be kept in complete confidence
  • You will be given information on past winning numbers in any Draw to help you select your own numbers.


You are entering a Lottery Draw and are subject to the same odds and chances of winning as every other participant.

The final Jackpot winning amounts may differ slightly from the amounts shown on this website.

For further information, please contact us at (+353) 86 800 6690 or send us an email through our contact form.

About the Irish Lottery

Irish Lottery is the flagship game of Ireland's National Lottery, which was founded by the Irish government in 1986 to fund projects in the areas of health, sport, recreation, arts, culture, national heritage, and most recently, the natural environment.

It is currently operated by Premier Lotteries Ireland, which took ownership of the license on February 27, 2014 after being sold by the Irish government.

Irish Lotto draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday of the week, with Jackpots starting at €2,000,000. When the jackpot is not won, it rolls over to the next draw, increasing in value until someone draws the winning combination.

To date, the largest ever Irish Lotto jackpot was €18.9 Million, won on June 28, 2008 by a syndicate of 16 work colleagues at a quarry and concrete plant in Bennekerry, Carlow.

There are 8 prize divisions in Irish Lotto, each with a corresponding prize payout amount:

PRIZE POOL Matching Numbers Prize Payout (€)
Division 1 (JACKPOT) Match 6 Numbers €2,000,000 (guaranteed pool)
Division 2 Match 5 + Bonus Number €100,000
Division 3 Match 5 Numbers €1,500
Division 4 Match 4 + Bonus Number €150
Division 5 Match 4 Numbers €50
Division 6 Match 3 + Bonus Number €25
Division 7 Match 3 Numbers €9
Division 8 Match 2 + Bonus Number €3 Scratch card


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