Why You Should Not Use Calendar Dates For The Lottery

When choosing a winning lottery combination, it is almost inevitable for an average player not to choose based on birthdates and anniversaries. While there is absolutely nothing wrong in picking out a combination with a few lucky numbers, picking a calendar based combination in hopes of winning the lottery can pose as a poor strategy.

Drop the belief that using birth dates and anniversaries will help you win the Irish Lotto jackpot.

Based on the results of previous Irish Lottery draws—from January 2014 to May 2015—number combinations based on calendar dates is a poor strategy for players to use as shown below.

Irish Lottery results shows calendar dates do not work

The reason as to why this is such a poor strategy is that the Irish Lottery deals with numbers 1 – 47, and making use of the Calendar Strategy limits the player, at best, to only 31 numbers.

A 6/47 game of lottery has 10,737,573 possible combinations. If a player insists on making use of only 31 numbers, there will only be up to 736,281 possible combinations available—significantly reducing his chances of winning by missing out on 10,001,292 other possible combinations.

The lottery makes use of random selection, giving each number equal chances of getting picked in one draw. And though there are 'hot' and 'cold' numbers, 'hot' numbers are not more likely to appear again than 'cold' numbers—same with birthdates and anniversaries. Players who tend to use calendar based strategies tend to forget that the lottery's system is randomized, wherein each number is just as likely to appear in a draw as the next one—numbers 32 – 47 can be picked just as likely as numbers 1 – 31.

Moreover, thousands of players are already fixated on the idea of using significant dates as their winning combinations. Not only will a calendar based strategy lessen your chances of winning, but it will lessen the returns you get when you win as well—sharing it with more people who use the same calendar strategy. Also read the lotto strategies that don't work.

To win the lottery, your number combinations must show signs of good planning that include balanced selections of low and high numbers from 1 – 47, not just 1 – 31.

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