How To Play The Irish Lottery

Just like any other lottery, winning the jackpot in the IrishLottery only requires players to match the first six numbers drawn (1 to 47). A seventh number, also called as the bonus number, will be drawn for consolation prizes, such as matching 5 numbers + the bonus number will entitle the player to take home €100,000.

To play the IrishLottery with confidence, we recommend players to play with “winning patterns” that can significantly improve their odds of winning the jackpot.

Read this eye-opening article below for more information about winning patterns:

All Irish Lottery prizes are tax-free and are paid out in one lump sum. The Irish National Lottery pays in excess of 50% of its funds in prize money. The balance is used to fund projects in Ireland in the areas of health, sport, recreation, arts, culture and national heritage, including the Irish language.

The Irish lottery jackpot is never lower than €2,000,000.00 and is frequently worth in excess of €5,000,000.00. It can rise to €10,000,000 and more! The draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday night on national television (RTE).

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Play Responsibly encourages everyone to play the Irish Lottery responsibly.

Few people experience gambling-related problems wherein they fail to safely manage wagering, therefore developing a mental urge to continuously play despite negative harmful consequences, this problem is more commonly known as a gambling addiction.

Assistance for those who think they, or someone they care about, might have the aforementioned problem can click the links to responsible gaming organizations below for help:


8 Ways To Win

PRIZE POOL Matching Numbers Prize Payout (€)
Division 1 (JACKPOT) Match 6 Numbers €2,000,000 (guaranteed pool)
Division 2 Match 5 + Bonus Number €100,000
Division 3 Match 5 Numbers €1,500
Division 4 Match 4 + Bonus Number €150
Division 5 Match 4 Numbers €50
Division 6 Match 3 + Bonus Number €25
Division 7 Match 3 Numbers €9
Division 8 Match 2 + Bonus Number €3 Scratch card


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You can play The Irish Lottery if you are 18 years old or above. Play Responsibly, Play For Fun.