Why Irish Lotto Number Frequency Fails

People tend to play the Irish Lotto by selecting numbers based on the times they get picked from the lot.

But truth be told, "hot" and "cold" numbers don't matter due to the lottery’s use of random selection. This means a number’s winning streak can be pulled to a stop at any given time. For example, when someone flips a coin three times and results to three heads, there is absolutely no assurance that the fourth flip will, again, turn up heads—there is still the same 50/50 chance that the coin will turn up tails.

Same is the case for the lottery and its randomness. In Irish Lotto, 2, 3, 6, 12, 38, 39 are considered hot numbers but statistics show that these numbers do not help as shown below:

Irish Lottery results shows hot and cold numbers don't matter at all

2, 3, 6, 12, 38, and 39 may, individually, appear more in draws than other numbers, but keep in mind that they possess the same probability of appearing just as any other number. In addition, clumping them up as one combination does not help either, as seen above.

The lottery embraces randomness and so should its players. Players of the 6/47 game are all faced with a 1 in 11 million chance of winning, and players who closely follow the lottery are also aware of following number frequencies. Imagine being one of thousands of people who utilizes the same strategy. If ever the next game draws a combination that is formed with all hot numbers, you’d still be sharing it with thousands of others. Of course, the chances of those numbers ever popping up in a single draw are, ultimately, still low. Read this post about the most common winning lottery numbers.

Remember, it takes 6 numbers to win a jackpot, and history shows no concrete proof that using number frequency as a winning combination works.

Instead of using irish lottery hot and cold numbers, you should focus on "winning patterns".

Winning patterns best provides a player with the chance to win a jackpot because it makes use of the lottery’s randomness. If there is ever a way a player can closely predict the lottery’s next winning combination, it’s by strategically applying its own system against it.

To find more about winning patterns and why other lotto strategies don’t work, read the article below:

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